Friday, May 3, 2013

Winter Whites Bring Spring Brights

So just from the title of this post you're probably thinking "what the heck!?" While visiting back home in Saskatchewan, it snowed, making Spring feel more like Winter.  Not a word of a lie, April 30th there was a snow storm in SK.  This weather change definitely called for some Spring brights to brighten things up a little.  I think it's safe to say that Canada has dramatically different temperatures and some crazy seasons.  But you know what, I love it!  No one likes the same old all the time, right? On another note, so happy to be at home with my pup Tuffy.  He insisted in being in the photos with persistent barking and moving into the shots.  What a brat!

Yesterday my mom & I took off to Vancouver for a fun filled weekend.  While in Vancouver my mom will be running a marathon...I'm talking 42.2 km. YOU GO MOM!!!

Here's a look at what I was wearing while back in good ol' Sask, bringing Spring brights back after the cold wintery whites.

Hope you have a super weekend,

Wearing: Skirt as see here [Topshop], Top [Beryl Wong], Coat [Zara], Pumps similar [Le Chateau]

Thanks mom for the photography! 


  1. Your outfit is too cute! I love the print on your dress :)