Monday, March 31, 2014

Baseball Caps on the Go

Hey lovelies!  I hope your weekend was fabulous.  Ty and I had some family and friends visit this weekend, it was a lot of fun!  We are also expecting more company this week.  It's such a busy time of year.  Along with the hectic schedule comes casual attire.  A baseball cap has definitely been my go to with everything as it's an easy way to tame my hair & it looks super cute.  I love this pink one I picked up on super sale a few weeks ago at J. Crew.  I think a lot of people have misconceptions about baseball caps being fashionable, but paired with the right thing and they make for a fun accessory. 
Wearing: Crop Top [Brandy Melville] in purple here, White T-Shirt [Brandy Melville], Jeans [Garage], Shoes old but similar here, Necklace [Forever 21], Bracelets & Watch [Kate Spade], Gold Scalloped Bracelets & Necklace [Forever 21], Hat [J. Crew] also love this one, Coat [Old Navy], Heart []

Photography thanks to Qunshuo Ma

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spotlight Weekly Link-Up: Button Up Tops

Hey Lovelies!  I'm excited to be co-hosting a weekly spotlight link-up with some fabulous fashionistas; Elle of Living in Color Style & Jacqueline of Stylin' in St. Louis!  This weeks theme is button up tops.  For me when it comes to button ups, I love to layer.  With my long button up top, I paired it with the perfect crop top and belted combo making it a little bit edgy!  What's your favourite way to wear a button up top?
For more button up top inspiration, be sure to stop by Elle & Jacqueline's blogs!
Wearing: Belt thrifted, Bow Bracelet [Kate Spade], Scalloped Bracelets [Forever 21], Bag [Kate Spade], Button Up old but similar here, Pants [J. Crew] similar, Booties [J. Crew] similar, Earrings [Forever 21], Sunnies old, Layered Crop Top [Shelly Court].

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Vintage Find

Hey Lovelies!  I recently stumbled upon the most perfect vintage find, this beautiful coat.  With a fun 60's shape and a colour perfect for Spring, which is officially here, it was too hard to pass up. 
Wearing: Coat thrifted, Boots [Winners]similar, Pants [Yoga Jeans], Bag [Kate Spade], Earrings [Forever 21] also love these.

Photography by Qunshuo Ma

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Colour Burst

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!  I'm currently springing into Spring with a big colour burst!  Lots of colour is one of my favourite things about the Spring season.  I couldn't resist pairing my colourful ensemble with my new open toed booties.  With weather not being so appropriate for them, I paired them with some back dress socks and it totally works!  How are you springing into the new season?
My mom and I had so much fun adventuring through Toronto this past weekend.  We shopped, had some tasty dinners at local restaurants and went to the Lorde concert (which was AMAZING)!  I was sad to see her leave but we definitely made some great new memories.  
Wearing: Vest [Banana Republic], Shoes & pants  from Winners, Button Up [Loft], Necklace [J. Crew] similar, Lipstick [MAC].

Photos thanks to Abby Ballanger

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Shopping is my Cardio

Hey lovelies!  How is your week going?  If you are in Toronto I hope you are staying warm.  We have seriously had the weirdest week, one day it's Spring and the next day we are wrapped up in a winter storm.  Needless to say, it is definitely rubber boots season.  These pretty pink boots will be on my feet until the snow is gone.  As for this super cute sweater, my brother bought it for me as a gift; it's so perfect, especially for this weekend with my mom.  We've been tearing up the stores this week and having so much fun!  What are your plans for the weekend?  Whatever they are, I hope they're fabulous.
Wearing: Shirt [J. Crew] similar, Sweater from Nico, Boots [Hunter], Jeans [Yoga Jeans], Bracelet [Kate Spade], Hat [H&M], Sunnies [Kate Spade].

Photography by Qunshuo Ma

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Monday, March 10, 2014


Lately, I've been repeating a few pieces in my wardrobe, conforming to some kind of "uniform".  These pieces consisting of jeans, a pink cardigan and these layered jewels.  Obviously, with my favourite colour being pink, throwing on this pop of colour automatically puts me in a good mood. And as for the jewels, I love how the contrasting materials work together to give off a totally pretty feminine vibe.
I'm SUPER excited to have my mom come visit this week!  She hasn't come out to visit me in quite some time so we have a lot of Toronto exploring/shopping to do!
Wearing: Cardigan [Forever 21], Jeans [Zara], Boots [Nine West], Watch my dad's, Bracelet from Hudson's Bay, Pearl Necklace [J. Crew], Happy Necklace [Baublebar], Hat from Cade. 

Photography thanks to Abigail Ballanger

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Sare in the Studio: Polka Dot

Hey lovelies!  I hope you haven't totally forgotten about me.  As you may have noticed, I basically fell off the face of the earth in the past couple weeks.  I have just been overwhelmed with SO much work.  And what I mean by that is literally waking up and working straight through until bedtime.  So unfortunately something had to give, and that was sadly the blog.  I'm excited to be back!
Today I'm bringing you another piece of the Sare in the Studio series! This look totally yells cozy Spring.  Can you believe that the Spring season starts in a couple weeks?  It's finally warming up in Toronto and I am loving every minute of it!
Photography: Troy Fleece
Styling: Tia Getzlaf & Sarah Bellamy

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