Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Saskatchewan Fashion Week- Part I

What I wore to SKFWK day one: Skirt [Shelly Court], Top from Uforia Muse, Pumps [Aldo], Necklace from The Bay, Bag [borrowed from my mom's closet].
Photography of my outfit thanks to my mom.

I'm very excited to tell you about my fantastic week back home attending Saskatchewan Fashion Week (SKFWK). Because there was so much to this event, I thought it'd be difficult to only bring you one post summing up the entire event.  Instead, I've decided to divide it up into three parts, featuring all three days of fashion shows.

This was the second year of SKFWK.  Last year I was lucky to be involved with the event.  Even though last year I had an idea of what would be going on at the event I was still blown away.  This year surprised me even more.  They had developed the event to a larger scale to hold more fashion goers, which was great as this years crowd was even larger then the last.  It was a lot of fun seeing fellow Sask-ies excited to be involved in the local fashion community.

Every collection featured each evening was extremely unique and I wish I could feature them all. But since I cannot, here are a few collections that caught my eye on day one of SKFWK runway shows.


This eco-fashion label is extremely unique with it's stunning fabrics and structured detailing.  I love the way designer Lisa Wicklund uses a mixture of textures to create a look.


Designer Patricia Glanville uses her knowledge of architecture to add structured detailing to her line.  I love her choice of soft fabrics to create a delicate contrast to the structure.  

Beryl Wong

Beryl brings glam to the runway for the second year in a row!  She uses dramatic patterned fabrics to create such interesting pieces.  I especially love the leather crop top with cutouts.

Nadia Williamson

The lovely Nadia creates one of a kind gowns with interesting detailing such as mid thigh high slits, fabric contrasts & shier lace.  I love the special touches she puts on classic pieces.

Helen Anne Designs

I simply adore how wearable Helen's pieces are!  NEED that lemon dress!  Her pieces are colourful, printed and figure flattering for women's bodies.  

SKFWK was attended by so many amazing & talented people.  I am so thankful to have reunited with many as well as meet some new people too.  One person in particular I was excited to meet was Tyler Yuhasz, a talented photographer in Regina.  I'm grateful he was able to allow me to post his runway shots so that you all could experience some of the fantastic moments.  Be sure to check out his site here.

To find out more on this event be sure to check out the SKFWK website here.

Hope you're having a fabulous week,


  1. WOW Sare your outfit is amazing!!!!! Thanks for sharing :) xo