Friday, October 17, 2014

Girl on the Go

Hey lovelies! If you are still here, despite the dust bunnies rolling around Sare in the City, thank you for staying tuned!  I have a ton to update you on!  First off, school has been just crazy.  7 classes in one semester, I don’t recommend it.  But I’m getting through and learning  a lot.  Secondly, for awhile there I had a lack of creative juices flowing.  I bought about 10 magazines, watched a bunch of old films and luckily they saved me and got my creative self back up to par.  Sidenote…I recently did the art direction and photography for a photoshoot and I can’t wait to show you guys the images…they are insane!  Everything from the model to scenery to wardrobe and the overall whole team…everyone just rocked it!  Lastly, I have been using a lot of my spare time to work on my fitness.  Working out has been such a great outlet for me although sometimes I get carried away when my 1 hour work out exceeds 2 hours.  Oh well, you know I am doing something good for my health and wellbeing.  Anyways, that pretty much sums up my life over the past month.  You are all caught up.

Today’s outfit is simply a few of my current go to pieces.  A combination of comfort and style is key for a busy city girl on the go.  That’s why I find it key to have a few great statement pieces such as this coat/sweater/whatever it is that I recently picked up from H&M.  I seriously throw it on over anything.  And although at a glance it slightly looks like a housecoat…I still think it’s just great.

Thanks for stopping by!
XO Sare

Photography by Tia Getzlaf

Wearing: Coat [H&M], Bag [Urban Outfitters] similar here, Tank [H&M], Necklace [Topshop], Jeans [H&M], Booties [Forever 21].