Friday, April 12, 2013

Mass Exodus 2013

I was super excited to be able to attend my very first Mass Exodus yesterday!  Mass Exodus showcases the talents of 4th year Ryerson University design students.  This year was the 25th year of this spectacular student run fashion event, which is the largest in North America.  I was simply blown away by the stunning designs! I was also so happy to see such diversity on the runway.  Wishing these talented designers all the best with their future careers. Can't wait to see what's next for each and everyone of them.  Here's a look at the incredible evening.

Have a fantastic weekend, 
You can find more information on Mass Exodus here.
[Corinne Furniss - SEA]
[NUSUY by Yusun Kang]
[Leah Alocilja]
[Fay by Ryan Joelson]
[Fay by Ryan Joelson]
[MIM by Michelle Im]
[Mani Jassal]
[JML by Jessica M. Lau]
[Andrea Lung LIVE TO FLY]


  1. Love it! Didn't have my camera, thank you for capturing the event! The runway was incredible. I was sitting at the 3rd floor level diagonally from Stacy! And same here, it was my first time attending Mass Exodus!

    1. It was a spectacular runway! Glad you enjoyed the show! Hope you'll be attending next year!