Friday, June 15, 2012

Current Crush: Heeled Sandals

1. Zara // 2. Steve Madden // 3. Steve Madden // 4. Zara // 5. B Brian Atwood // 6. Dolce Vita

First things first, I love {have a slight addiction to} shoes!  I don't know why but shoe shopping gets me every time.  There is just something about the way that no matter how I'm feeling, shoes always look/make me feel amazing.  The heeled sandal trend is one shoe trend I couldn't pass by mentioning.  These shoes go with anything, from jeans to a cocktail dress. Do you love the heeled sandal trend?

Have a FABULOUS weekend,
xO Sare

 {My brother, dad & I}

I hope you all enjoy Father's Day with your dad & family! Appreciate every moment you have with one another.

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