Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Adventure

Toronto by Day

From top left: The beautiful CN Tower in the evening; Mom and Ty adventuring the streets of Toronto; One of many beautiful skyscrapers in downtown Toronto; A Ryerson building; Beautiful bouquets; A butterfly landed on Ty's skirt which is appartently good luck!


There are SO many amazing grocery stores in T.O.  I know, that probably sounds silly but I've never seen such amazing places to buy groceries.  I bet I could've spent hours in some of the grocery stores just looking at all the different food they have.  It was great to see so many healthy options along with many easy dinners for all those busy days we all have.

Toronto by Night

From top left: Celebrating Ty's birthday with family; My brother, David, and Tyler enjoying a night out; Ty and I all dressed up, ready for a night on the town; My mom and I dressed up for dinner.  Classy pic in our hotel room, I know!; Having fun spending time with my girlfriends from back home who now live in various different places.  It was great we could all meet up in TO.

Overall it was a BLAST of an adventure! It was great to tour through the big city with family and friends.  Tyler and I are SO excited now that we've got a place to start setting up and soon make the big move.

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  1. Oh how I love all of this !! I can't wait to come visit you and see all the fabulous places that you have been to. This is such a beautiful chapter of your life and I am so excited for you my friend. <3 I love you to bits.