Monday, June 18, 2012

Blown Away

How was your weekend?  Did you enjoy time with your family on Father's Day?  I had a great weekend spending time with the ones I love! --  During these photos I was in a bit of a windstorm. I'm glad we were able to catch some great shots despite the wind. I'm totally into the colours of this outfit - rose gold, mint green and blue.  These are probably my favorite colours this season. What are your favorite colours for Spring/Summer? A special thanks to Tia Zelinski for taking the photos.  Find her blog at


  1. Hi
    My name is Gary Weisbrodt
    You talk about fashion colours as related to clothing. Do you believe there is a colour correlation between clothing and interior design?

    I'm a Design Builder which means I work with clients to design their homes and or business facilities than I help them through the building stages until the keys are turned over. An end to end service.
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    I'm currently discussing Cottage Kitchen Design - From my book with the same title.

    1. Hi Gary,
      I do believe there is a correlation between clothing and interior design colours. As fashion trends change so do interior design trends.
      Thanks for stopping by,