Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Outfit With a Story

My friend Jaycee just moved to Regina so I decided to give her a bit of a tour. I took her to a fav ice cream spot, Milky Way. YUM!!!  After ice cream we ended up downtown for some photos.  And since I started to realize SO many of my photos lately were taken with a park or field in the background making it seem like maybe I live in the middle of nowhere, I thought this was the perfect place.  Regina is a city, it's actually the capital of Saskatchewan.  So here I am, in downtown Regina! Buildings and construction creating somewhat of a concrete jungle. 

OK, so here is the rundown on this outfit: For our ice cream adventure I wore a maxi I found when vacationing in Mexico years ago, the first one I ever bought.  It has to be my favorite maxi.  I topped it with Jaycee's vest (which she converted from a dress to a vest, how cool).  I am also totally in the mood for stacking bracelets. Here I'm wearing one of my new favs, the love bracelet.  What a great find!  This green backpack is SO special to me.  I couldn't find it for the longest time until this weekend.  Years ago when my dad was visiting Korea he bought my mom and I leather bags.  Mine was this backpack and my moms was a small brown handbag.  At the time they probably weren't one of our favorite pieces.  We both put them away for safe keeping.  Now I LOVE the bag.  Needless to say, this whole outfit has a story...different pieces from around the world to create one great look!  Do you have pieces you collaborate from around the world into one great look?

Photos by Jaycee Wall

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