Friday, March 7, 2014

Sare in the Studio: Polka Dot

Hey lovelies!  I hope you haven't totally forgotten about me.  As you may have noticed, I basically fell off the face of the earth in the past couple weeks.  I have just been overwhelmed with SO much work.  And what I mean by that is literally waking up and working straight through until bedtime.  So unfortunately something had to give, and that was sadly the blog.  I'm excited to be back!
Today I'm bringing you another piece of the Sare in the Studio series! This look totally yells cozy Spring.  Can you believe that the Spring season starts in a couple weeks?  It's finally warming up in Toronto and I am loving every minute of it!
Photography: Troy Fleece
Styling: Tia Getzlaf & Sarah Bellamy

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