Friday, December 20, 2013

Ask Sare//Untraditional Christmas

You lovelies have brought to my attention that there are more folks out there excited to experiment with Christmas decor, to step out of the traditional ways.  It has also been brought to my attention that this can be difficult as there are so many possibilities, so where to start.  Though, most of you already have your Christmas decor set and done, for those of you who are feeling inspired to add a little something extra or already thinking of ways to change up your traditional Christmas decor for next year, this is for you.  My best advice to you is choose a theme that means something to you.  If you love the beach, why not incorporate some of that into your Christmas theme.  If your a girly girl, how about trying a pink Christmas tree?  And if you like things clean and simple, why not try a light tree or simple candles.  There are so many different ways to create Christmas decor with a personal touch.  Here are just a few of my ideas.  Happy Decorating & Happy Holidays!

All images found on Pinterest.


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