Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sare's Christmas Tea

Hey guys! I'm excited to tell you I'm going to be adding a few additions to the blog!  I figure I need to fill you all in on other things I enjoy doing here in the city.  I do love fashion and it will still remain a fundamental part of the blog, so don't worry that won't be going away...but more on that later.  Today I'd like to start off the new additions with my Christmas Tea.  So usually Starbucks sucks me right in...their drinks are just so darn tasty.  But to save some money I came up with my own Christmas bevy I can make right at home.  It's pretty simple and very tasty!  Here are the steps to Sare's Christmas Tea!

You will need:
-a kettle
-a mug
-chai tea (I prefer Lipton's Spiced Cinnamon Chai)
-egg nog
-a spoon

Now simply start boiling water, fill your mug 1/4 full of egg nog and put one tea bag in the mug.  Once your water has boiled pour the water in the mug, sprinkle with cinnamon, stir and ENJOY!

Do you have any Christmas time bevy favourites?

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