Monday, December 17, 2012

An Update...

...On my crazy busy life that is!  WELCOME BACK! Sorry I've been away for awhile, my busy schedule had me consumed.  Not only were finals going on for the past couple weeks, I was also preparing to go home for the holidays, which is where I am now, back in Saskatchewan.  With a little break from school I'm finally able to do a little catching up on the blog and my life in general.

So I was super excited to do a bunch of outfit posts coming up but with temperatures hanging around the -15 degrees celsius point, it's not looking possible to do outdoors meaning I will have to relocate indoors. I find photos indoors just don't have the same appeal as the ones outside.  I will try my best to think up a solution.  Meanwhile I have some other fun stuff coming up for the blog this week, including my very first nail tutorial!  If you follow me on Instagram you'll know my love of nails.  I like to express myself using bold colours, sparkles and fun nail accessories.  But enough of that, here's the past couple weeks summed up in Instagram photos...ENJOY!
(1) Custom holiday label made by MWDesigns (2) Trying out some new makeup (3) Christmas nails! (4) Playing with the Santa Hat App while avoiding studies.  Clearly a good idea... (5) Relaxing in my Christmas PJ's on a Sunday morning (6) A nice "at home" selfie (7) Even when things get crazy it's important to take care of your health and keep fit.  Off to the gym I go! (8) My family dog, Tuffy, being a lazy bum (9) More sparkly nails, of course (10) A new goodie I picked up at a craft show...more on that later!


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