Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rose Gold & Pearl Mani

So I usually don't post on weekends, as you may have noticed, but I promised you all a nail tutorial so here it is!  Today I'll be demonstrating how I did my nails using decorative pearl gems.  Here is the supplies I used:
Nail Colour: Quo First Class
Clear Polish: Nicole Top Coat Plus
Nail Tool From Sephora Nail Art Set
Pearl Gems: Topshop (I was gifted these nail goodies for my birthday.  They came in a set with multiple nail polishes and 3 types of gems.)

Simply follow the steps below for my Rose Gold & Pearl Mani...
After filing, shaping and letting a clear coat dry apply two coats (or more if needed) of the colour of your choice.  

On a flat plastic surface apply a bit of clear polish.  I used the lid of the gem container.  Place the pearls you plan to use on your working surface.  Now paint the nail you plan to apply the pearls on with clear polish.  While the nail is still wet, use your nail tool, dip the end in the clear polish and pick up pearl with it.  Apply the pearl to your nail in whichever type of patterned desired.  Repeat on each nail.

Apply a generous top coat over the gems and spread over the rest of your nail.  Let dry.

Your nails are complete! I only added pearls to my ring fingers but feel free to add them to the full nail or all nails for that matter.  Have fun with it!!

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