Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gettin' Catty

Hey loves! So I survived back to school.  Even though the first day had me nervous as heck, it actually turned out to be a great day!  My profs all seem really great, now I'm excited to start getting educated...:) I would've loved to show you my back to school outfit but unfortunately due to rain and my umbrella hiding somewhere, I ended up looking like a drown rat by the end of the day.  This is the casual catty outfit I wore yesterday.  Jeans always seem like a good idea when it's not to humid in the morning but let me tell sure is regretful in the afternoon.  Well, better get back to setting up our new furniture since it ALL arrived today, YAY! Excited to be sitting on a couch instead of a cushion on the floor.  XO

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