Thursday, August 16, 2012

City Shoes

If you know me personally, you will know I have a mad obsession for shoes.  If I ever bring up the word shoes in front of my close family or friends their reaction is always ANOTHER PAIR? Do you really need them?  I would like to say yes every time because really, you can't walk around without shoes, right? And why would I want to walk around with the same pair of shoes everyday? That would be so boring! I currently own a lot of heels, high ones, with platforms and many other 'these aren't so comfy but look super cute' shoes.  But living in Regina we drive EVERYWHERE.  That's just how things work around here. So does it really matter if your feet are pinching you when walking from your car to your destination? No! But, Toronto has a totally different lifestyle.  I will be walking EVERYWHERE.  I clearly can't be wearing 5 inch heels to walk to school (though that would be quite the accomplishment).  Plus, what about all those grates in the ground...I'd get stuck in one for sure.  So you see where I've come to a dilemma?  What will I wear day to day that's comfy yet cute?  Does this mean I'm stuck in boots and flats forever?! If you live in a city/walk a lot what shoes do you find yourself wearing on a daily basis?
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  1. Though I don't find myself in a city where I walk a lot I do run around with my Charlie a lot. Wedges are the best! They can't get stuck in grates and they are comfy. Trust me when I say buy some of those sneaker wedges that are all over the place right now. Even if you think they are hideous they will save your feet and give you an extra 3 to 6 inches!!!

    1. OoOoW! Such great advice I just need to find a cute pair of those sneaker wedges! Any sugguestions? I do have a few pair of summer and fall wedges which I'm sure I will be relying on a lot in the near future. They are great because your feet are not directly on the ground as they would be in flats.