Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mermaid Style Inspiration

As I scroll through my Pinterest feed, there is no doubt I am inspired by the ton of mermaid type style inspiration.  So with a little inspiration and my own spin on things I bring to you my take on mermaid style.  As much as it would've been fun to make this a totally whimsical outfit, I decided to keep things on more of a practical side by toning down the brights of the water-like romper and pastels of the mani/rings/dip dyed hair with some bold black accessories.  I'm totally lusting over these black gladiator sandals.  They have sure been a topic of conversation in my life.  I can't go out in public wearing them without getting a lot of looks & receiving many comments--my favourite so far being "So how long does it take you to put those on in the morning?"  I would love to see your take on the mermaid trend--be sure to tag me on FB, Twitter and/or Instagram

Photos thanks to Dayna Desautels 
Happy Wednesday!
XO Sare

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  1. gorgeous, love it all. keep up the great work.