Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sock Bun Tutorial

Happy Wednesday!  Hope your week is going fabulously so far!  So I thought I'd do a beauty post for you guys as beauty is one of my favourite parts of the fashion industry...nails, hair, makeup you name it, I love it!  Today I will be demonstrating my take on the sock bum.  It's one of my go to hairstyles as it's simple and can make you look put together in a matter of a couple minutes.  If you have any questions following the demonstration don't hesitate to ask in the comments below.
xO Sare

What you will need:
Brush & Comb (not pictured)
Bobby Pins
Hair Spray (my go to is TRESemme's Extra Firm Control)
Sock Bun (mine is from Aldo)

 Step 1: Brush your hair back into a high pony.
 Step 2: Put sock bun around pony.
 Step 3: Evenly distribute hair around sock bun.
 Step 4: Wrap hair around the sock bun evenly.  Make sure you cannot see the sock bun, just hair!
 Step 5: Pin hair firmly in place using bobby pins.
 Step 6: Spray bun in place & those fly-aways.
Your sock bun is complete!  Enjoy!

Pink Robe: Victoria Secret (similar

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