Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tulle Perfection

Thanks to BEE, for months now I have been craving a tulle skirt.  I've scoped out many different retailers trying to find the perfect one.  But nothing seemed to fit the bill, until this one. For my birthday, one of my best girl friends Jaycee, who is also an extremely talented clothing designer, gifted me this tulle/lace skirt.  From the neutral palette to the two feminine textures, it was pure tulle perfection.  I can't get enough of it!! I've been holding off to show off this skirt on the blog, until it would start warming up.  But since there is no sign of this polar vortex leaving the East anytime soon, I couldn't wait any longer.  How do you feel about the tulle trend?  Are you into it?   
Wearing: Skirt [Jaycee Wall], Sweater [H&M], Shoes [Zara] similar, Necklace [Target] also love this one, Belt vintage.



  1. I love tulle skirts! This one is perfect for an office commute- not too puffy and annoying for public transit. Lovely.

    1. My thoughts exactly, darling. Thanks for stopping by. xo

  2. you look amazing!