Monday, September 15, 2014

Fallin' for the City

I am SO happy to be back in Toronto!  Every time I come back to this beautiful city I fall in love with it all over again.  Ever since I've been back in the city I have constantly been on the go--decorating my new place, starting up classes again & of course adventuring the city with friends.  It's safe to say I am loving life and this new season.  With the Fall season comes lots of layers which is a lot of fun for creative types like myself--it allows me to mix textures/prints together, a favourite thing of mine.  
Abby and I always have so much fun shooting together...the pic below pretty much sums up what half the time we are shooting looks like! Make sure to check out her fabulous blog for some pics I shot of her in this edgy/pretty dirty back alley.
Wearing: Jeans old, Booties [Forever 21], Socks [Urban Outfitters], Shirt [Free People] also love this one, Chain [Brandy Melville], iPhone Case [Caviar Chic], Plaid Button Up old.

Happy Monday Loves, 
XO Sare


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